Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Objective and scope

This Code of Conduct has been formulated with the purpose of unifying and reinforcing the identity, culture and guidelines of conduct of SOLDAVIGIL, S.L., reflecting the ethical commitment in the development of the company’s activities, always with respect for human rights, and which should govern relations with our partners, suppliers, agents or any other type of collaborators.

This Code constitutes an express declaration of the values, principles and guidelines of behaviour that all SOLDAVIGIL, S.L. employees must adopt and will serve as a guide in relation to the performance of their daily professional activity, in their actions with clients, suppliers and external collaborators; and in their relations with public and private institutions and with society in general, acting in accordance with the law and respecting ethical principles.

This Code is mandatory and is aimed at all SOLDAVIGIL, S.L. employees, regardless of the type of contract that determines their employment relationship and the position they occupy, including subcontracted workers.

The Management of SOLDAVIGIL, S.L. will adopt the necessary measures to enforce the set of values, principles and rules that make up this Code, disseminating its content, providing training and resolving any doubts that may arise.

Likewise, the Management of SOLDAVIGIL, S.L. will use all means at its disposal to enforce compliance with the values, principles and rules contained in this Code.