Our activity




Soldavigil SL has been specialised, since its origin, in the fabrication of components for the automotive industry. The implanted processes vary from the fabrication of tooling to the supply of painted and assembled components.

We are specialists in the curving of CNC tubes, in stamping and the automatic welding of components. For this we count on our tooling, stamping, mechanical, curving, folding and automated welding sections.


Our engineering department develops dies, welding and verification implements and that allow us to create and auto-control the quality of the manufactured products.

We are certified by our clients for the manufacturing of safety related components, being suppliers of chassis, handlebars, suspension parts, steering… and all types of metallic welded subsets and stamping parts.

“We started in the automotive sector as motorbike manufacturer suppliers. The training and experience acquired in the application of the JIT, 5S y KAIZEN techniques have allowed us to develop and diversify, positioning Soldavigil in other industrial sectors”

Storage Systems

Soldavigil’s experience in activities related to the welding of metallic components has allowed us to automate all types of structural elements for any type of storage system.

We have the ability to offer design collaborations solutions for our clients to obtain better functional and competitive products, improving their industrialization. We apply our knowledge and know-how acquired during our extensive experience in the automotive sector, in the design and manufacturing of welding tools to automate all type of Storage Components such as spacers, base plates, splicing, brackets… and more.

We create solution projects for transport in automated storage. We build elements dedicated to the transfer, accumulation and distribution of the merchandise towards the specific positions that the logistic operative requires.

We have established a technological partnership with our clients and suppliers to obtain the best performance in designs with the lowest financial impact.

Soldavigil is certified in EN-1090-1:2009 to manufacture metallic structures with CE marking.

Renewable Energy

Our experience in the manufacturing of pieces and components for diverse clients in the sector is allowing us to participate in important international projects of installations of photovoltaic, thermo solar and wind energy.

The know-how acquired throughout our trajectory in the manufacturing of metallic constructions and structural components has turned us into a trustworthy partner for the design and manufacture of structures and complementary pieces in all types of installations of solar panels and other renewable energies.

Soldavigil is certified in EN-1090-1:2009 to manufacture metallic structures with a CE marking.

“Being a smaller company doesn’t prevent us from working in a multidisciplinary way. We have proven that the cooperation and coordination between the engineering functions, purchases, production and quality constitute the key areas of results in the company”.

Metallic Construction

Soldavigil, SL was initiated in the metallic construction with the manufacturing of metal seals in general. Subsequently, the manufacturing of chain conveyors and rollers for the industrial maintenance and metallic structures.

With a long tradition in the sector of metallic closures the company manufactures all types of gates and protection systems, including railings and bumpers.

In the construction sector and civil work we count on a selective group of clients who trust us with the execution of their projects of metallic structures. The experience acquired working for the automotive sector allows us to industrialize the projects of manufacturing of metallic structures to reach the productivity that the market requires.

We offer key in hand solutions, including transport, on-site assembly and the painting of the structures that we provide.


Railway Sector

Upon the certification of the EN 15085 regulation, directed at Railway applications for the welding of vehicles and railroad components, SVRAIL S.L. has incorporated the welding of aluminium, completing the cycle in the project of diversification which our company is fully committed to. It is an important commitment to provide the necessary means and resources to the company SVRAIL, focused on the Railway Sector.

Naval Construction

We have a business area for the manufacturing of internal structures for tanks and machinery rooms for naval construction.

We adapt to the individual needs of our clients to achieve the established objectives of construction.


At Soldavigil we are committed to a strategic sector at this time due to the international situation.

We have the best professionals and the most cutting-edge technology to undertake mechano-welding projects in this sector, which is characterised by its “maximum demand” requirements. We manufacture tools and large tools; mechanically welded assemblies and sub-assemblies for all types of vehicles, both structural components and accessories.

Soldavigil is a member of the Asturias Defence Hub


The externalisation of company processes that are not part of the main activity of the company has shown itself to be a successful corporal strategy to improve flexibility, reduce labour costs and increase productivity.

You only need to define the tasks to be carried out, clearly identify the work area in which our organization will be implanted and name a point of contact for our project manager.

Your costs will become predictable and will be linked to the production carried out. In addition, you will receive our Improvement Suggestions covered by the Kaizen System, whose programs we can implement in accordance to the necessities of each productive process.


Our industrial maintenance services are designed to guarantee that our clients reach an optimal production through less periods of inactivity and a greater efficiency, which results in a greater profitability.

We reduce the periods of inactivity and increase the availability of our production machinery. The machinery benefits from an increased life span, an improvement in performance, precision and a reduced risk of failures.

Our installation maintenance service provides your company with a safe work environment, we also ensure that all the production machines abide by the current health regulations.