Our history

Our history

Soldavigil develops activities of welding of metallic components for the automotive sector, storage systems, renewable energies, defence, naval construction and metallic construction in general.


The empresarial activity of Soldavigil S.L sees its start in the year 1992 in a 400m2 facility and with a workforce of 5.

It is born with the objective of carrying out small jobs on boilers and welding aimed at the motorcycle industry, answering to the demands of the moment.

Since then we have followed an ascending growing rate that has allowed us to presently have 8000m2 distributed between 2 work centres with a workforce of 120.

Throughout our trajectory we have bet on diversification and innovation, with investments in formation, technology and qualified processes that allow us to be in a highly competitive and distinguished position.

All of this focused on the most valuable asset that we have: our clients, with whom we work in tight collaboration and travel a common path, hand in hand, towards success. All of the efforts are directed towards the achievement of our main objective: Your Satisfaction. In the same way as our training model has allowed our company to implant a productive and corporate culture that helps us create value for our clients

The corporate philosophy at Soldavigil is sustained in the continuous improvement in quality and productivity. For this, we have implemented the KAIZEN system that facilitates the implication of our personnel in activities such as 5S, TPM, QC, ZD, VE.

All this supported by the resilient pillars of our values:

Teamwork: We consider it to be essential that the implication of each and every of the elements of the company move in unison and in the same direction.

Flexibility: Total adaptability of our productive process to deliver an answer to the needs of our clients in a simple and agile manner and in the least amount of time.

Quality and Service: professionality and seriousness are some of our main premises, manufacturing products with the required quality and in the established time limit, aware of the importance that it entails in the value chain.

Pride of belonging: The main asset that we count on is our human capital, which we thoughtfully take care of through our incentive programs and training.

The talent and expertise of our team is the key that drives us to success.

“We are in a position to be able to offer a flexible service, adapting our work to your necessities and requirements. Trust us with your project and we will help you create a sustainable competitive advantage”