Technology and infrastructures


Welding is, without a doubt, our main value, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. We apply the latest techniques and the most advanced machinery to be able to be at the forefront of welding.

Manufacture Engineering

The development stage of a new product is vital for the achievement of the planned objectives. For this, we design and manufacture all the tools necessary for the implementation of an optimal productive process that allows us to obtain products adjusted to the quality and minimum investment cost expected requirements.


Through our partner in Portugal we manufacture and supply stamping parts that we subsequently integrate to our welding process or directly deliver to the client, according to the functionality of these and the established requirements.

We possess an important machinery pool with 15 hydraulic/mechanical presses of up to 500 Ton, as well as a die cutting workshop equipped with the most innovated resources.

Laser Sheets / Tubes

With the purpose of being able to give a global service to our clients we have specified a series of strategic alliances with suppliers of the area for the supply of laser cut material, in sheets as well as tubes, that subsequently we will transform in our facilities.

This allows us to guarantee a quality supply in a set delivery period and a contained economic impact, an important distinguishing element against our competitors.

Superficial Treatments

We have at our disposal a broad panel of homologated collaborator that allows us to offer a finishing service to the pieces that we supply, with electrophoresis treatments, powder and liquid paint, galvanizing and polishing.


We have professionals qualified in the electro mechanic assembly of equipment, which allows us to deliver key in hand projects, according to each client’s needs.

Additive manufacturing

We have at our disposal additive manufacturing or 3D printing machines with which we develop projects in two aspects:

Work Centres

At the present time we have 8000m2 divided between two work centres. POLIGONO DE PORCEYO (GIJON): 5.000 M2 POLIGONO DE CANCIENES (CORVERA DE ASTURIAS): 3.000 m2